Our Services


Interior Painting

Transform the decorative look of your room or entire house or business!

The cost saving with painting a room or large area can be substantial when compared to other improvements.

Besides time and patience, not having the experience with procedures and techniques can cause costly damage.  That’s where we are here to help with skill and knowledge to get the work done correctly, efficiently and professionally. 

Exterior Painting

Adding curb appeal will help strengthen your investment and is the most important maintenance that can be done!

Although we are very focused on detail and eye-catching finishes, our complete attention is always on sealing and preserving your structures. 

You get a new fresh look, while we protect your buildings from the elements. 

Our experienced staff look forward to enhancing your investment. 

Drywall & Repairs

Creating an even surface for your finished areas!

We can help assist with all aspects of drywalling. From cutting and hanging drywall or replacing drywall… to sealing joints, repairing cracks and any imperfections on walls and sealing in preparation for a quality finish. 


Making your investment look new again! 

Utilizing a high-pressure stream of water to blast away and remove dirt and stuck on materials, such as mildew from surfaces.

Our staff has the training to know how to clean any surface, from siding, block/concrete walls, sidewalks, garages, decks and more!

Other Services

We are happy to discuss other work and projects!

Finish Specialists also does siding repairs, light masonry and other projects.